• in vivo & in vitro implants, bio medical use

  • other atypical products, according to the customer requirements


  • optical glass - all the varieties range of optical glass, from suppliers such as: Schott, Ohara, Hoya e.a.
  • Fused silica, Zerodur, Pyrex e.a.
  • Zinc Sulfide (cleartran)
  • Zinc Selenide
  • Calcium Floride
  • Silicon Si, Germanium Ge


  • upon customer’s request

Forms of delivery

  • any form – free form

Optical vacuumtreatments (coatings)

  • we provide treatments according to the customer requirements

About Us

SC MGM STAR CONSTRUCT SRL is a private company specialized in physical and chemical vacuum deposition (PVD and CVD), optical manufacturing, photolithography technology and construction works in civil area.

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04 January 2018
04 January 2018
04 January 2018


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